Finish Line took part, as a specialty subcontractor, in development and practical realization of Anode Treatment Processes for number of spinal device projects run by Medical Companies, as exampled below:
Electropolishing of Titanium implants to the spine disc (view PDF) having complicated geometrical shape and controversial requirements: development and long-term commercial operation for a Company of global scale;
Passivation of many-items set of Titanium implants and accessories and Stainless Steel surgical instruments for spinal surgery: correct choice and completion of appropriate processes and their regulatory documentation; long-term operation for the Customer’s pilot needs;
Color Anodizing of Titanium Screws (view img.) for spinal surgery: development and experiments running.

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Anode Treatment

Anode treatment beneficiates metal surface through metal dissolving and oxidation. In case no coating is allowed, Anode Treatment is a way to enhance your parts’ surface qualities. more >>


Passivation is a classic anode treatment to improve corrosion resistance of metals, comparing to not treated parts, through completing natural formation of metal oxides surface layer. more >>

Bright Passivation

Bright Passivation improves corrosion resistance of metals, comparing to not treated parts, removes spots from previous processing and provides the parts with brighter appearance. more >>


Etching is an old craft which technically comprises a vigorous anode treatment process, widely exploited in industry. Etching metal surface as a whole makes it uniformly rough and porous more >>

Color Anodizing

Color Anodizing is a unique Titanium only applied process granting to metal surface a wide spectrum of controllable vivid interference colors, which are stable, uniform and repeatable more >>

Surface preparation

Surface preparation ensures the after Anode Treatment surface features as aimed. It includes both quality improving (like de-burring) and surface beneficiation (like surface roughening) more >>

Surface cleaning

Surface Cleaning is an essential completing operation after any Anode Treatment intended washing the surface from leftovers of previous treatment, using purified water at the end step more >>

Clean Room Packing

Packing in Clean Room class 1000 with laminar cameras class 100 allows us to implement packaging procedure for customers’ products having the highest cleanness requirements more >>