General Mechanics

Main requirements to parts of general mechanics group are bright appearance and increased corrosion resistance. The parts we refer as general mechanics are mostly large parts, with loosely defined size tolerances, usually made of well electro-polished metals (stainless steel 304 or 316, Al6061, 260 brass), like device housings, technical installation elements, duct connectors and adapters, etc.
Due to “simple” specifications and technical requirements, the parts of general mechanics group are processed relatively easy and trouble free. Complicated cases, like electro-polishing of inner surfaces, or treatment of poor welds, or electro-polishing/passivation of molded parts, are solved on the engineering level for each specific part.
General mechanics parts are treated at our production lines with capacity from tens big sized (300-500 mm) to thousands small sized (10-100 mm) units per day, by any needed anode treatment processing (Passivation, Bright Passivation, Electro-polishing, Etching), including Surface Preparation and Surface Cleaning as decided by a technologist, or requested by a customer. See examples of electropolished general mechanics parts: valve for treated water (view img.), cover for bio-filter (view img.), water duct connector (view img.).

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Anode Treatment

Anode treatment beneficiates metal surface through metal dissolving and oxidation. In case no coating is allowed, Anode Treatment is a way to enhance your parts’ surface qualities. more >>


Passivation is a classic anode treatment to improve corrosion resistance of metals, comparing to not treated parts, through completing natural formation of metal oxides surface layer. more >>

Bright Passivation

Bright Passivation improves corrosion resistance of metals, comparing to not treated parts, removes spots from previous processing and provides the parts with brighter appearance. more >>


Etching is an old craft which technically comprises a vigorous anode treatment process, widely exploited in industry. Etching metal surface as a whole makes it uniformly rough and porous more >>

Color Anodizing

Color Anodizing is a unique Titanium only applied process granting to metal surface a wide spectrum of controllable vivid interference colors, which are stable, uniform and repeatable more >>

Surface preparation

Surface preparation ensures the after Anode Treatment surface features as aimed. It includes both quality improving (like de-burring) and surface beneficiation (like surface roughening) more >>

Surface cleaning

Surface Cleaning is an essential completing operation after any Anode Treatment intended washing the surface from leftovers of previous treatment, using purified water at the end step more >>

Clean Room Packing

Packing in Clean Room class 1000 with laminar cameras class 100 allows us to implement packaging procedure for customers’ products having the highest cleanness requirements more >>