CST™ RBM-type of surface formation.
Resorbable Blasting Media (RBM) Process comprises blasting of dental implants surface by Calcium Phosphate media, following by light acid treatment aimed removal of blasting residuals. The method was extensively elaborated in recent decade and is successfuly exploited by the world dental implants leaders like Lifecore Biomedical, Osstem Corp. and others, in dental implants marketing throughout the world.

The method is featured by exclusively pure bio-compatibly based implants’ surface, while its micro-surface structure is argued by opponents as not sufficient.

Acronym RBM has become common definition and means practicing this technological approach.

Finish Line has developed and operates RBM Process, based on its Comprehensive Surface Treatment (CST™) approach. Finish Line CST™ RBM Process (view PDF of RBM dental implants by CST Process Technical Release and FL CST RBM Process) uses an apatite born Calcium Phosphate, blasted at automatic blasting machine, following by light acid cleaning and intensive washing-out using Ultrasonic Bathes, with production potential of hundreds imlants per day and more.

Finish Line RBM implants,when checked by advanced physical instruments (SEM, EDS, XPS, Optical Profilometer), demonstrate high surface performances, identical to implants manufactured by the leaders in the field.

Anode Treatment

Anode treatment beneficiates metal surface through metal dissolving and oxidation. In case no coating is allowed, Anode Treatment is a way to enhance your parts’ surface qualities. more >>


Passivation is a classic anode treatment to improve corrosion resistance of metals, comparing to not treated parts, through completing natural formation of metal oxides surface layer. more >>

Bright Passivation

Bright Passivation improves corrosion resistance of metals, comparing to not treated parts, removes spots from previous processing and provides the parts with brighter appearance. more >>


Etching is an old craft which technically comprises a vigorous anode treatment process, widely exploited in industry. Etching metal surface as a whole makes it uniformly rough and porous more >>

Color Anodizing

Color Anodizing is a unique Titanium only applied process granting to metal surface a wide spectrum of controllable vivid interference colors, which are stable, uniform and repeatable more >>

Surface preparation

Surface preparation ensures the after Anode Treatment surface features as aimed. It includes both quality improving (like de-burring) and surface beneficiation (like surface roughening) more >>

Surface cleaning

Surface Cleaning is an essential completing operation after any Anode Treatment intended washing the surface from leftovers of previous treatment, using purified water at the end step more >>

Clean Room Packing

Packing in Clean Room class 1000 with laminar cameras class 100 allows us to implement packaging procedure for customers’ products having the highest cleanness requirements more >>